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Master Schedule

Based on reports from MBL teams, we maintain a Master Schedule of the teams' racing schedules by MBL Division. Meets scheduled with teams outside one's division or outside the league are noted to the right of the head to head meets between teams within each division. Events appear at the top of the Master Schedule. The coach or athletic director of each MBL team should email their schedule (in any form) to the league president as soon as the information is available or updated. Please include the names of the teams involved, the date, and the venue. Also, please indicate if the meet will be a league/division meet or will not count toward MBL Division results because it is a scrimmage or duplicate match up.

Please report any errors to the MBL President.

Historical Schedules By Date

2019 Schedule

2018 Schedule

2017 Schedule

2016 Schedule

Please report any errors to the MBL President.


View a list of venues utilized or visited by MBL teams along with directions and team affiliations.